July Monthly Newsletter

Summer is always a month for inspiration. It’s a great month to see friends and family – which is inspiring. It’s a season to achieve fitness goals, and it’s a month to be inspired with the results. It’s not too late to start, and we can help you reach your goals through personal coaching, online coaching, classes, and even kid’s classes at Pat’s Gym. We have some exciting news so read below to see what is going on. 

Train Smarter, Anywhere with ARENA
We are excited to partner up with ARENA the go anywhere fitness equipment. The ARENA brings advanced electric mobility technology to resistance training, instantly adding up to 200lbs to the complete mobile platform. Five turnkey attachments give you endless movements and grips in all planes of motion. At home, at work, or even on vacation, you can pull, push, squat, and hinge all in one complete system. Advanced features and tension management allows the platform to recruit more muscle fibers making it more efficient than traditional weight training.

I will be incorporating this in my training program as well as my online athletes’ programs and use the code PATSGYM on your purchase. 

For full details check it out at:


Nutrition, just like training, needs to be done with a purpose. Each day depending on my workouts I plan what kind of food I am going to eat. I typically eat similar foods everyday but mix and match based on effort and type of workouts or goals. I block off my workouts into categories: power endurance, strength endurance, strength, power, endurance, and recovery. Each of these have a purpose that leads to your end goal whether it is fat loss, sport specific, mass gain, weight loss, or power to weight ratio. 

It is amazing how nutrition can have a huge effect on your workouts and in this article, I laid out a workout from each energy system and a food recipe I’d recommend eating after the workout.
Check out the full article Pat published for Rhone:

The July Monthly Challenge 

The Monthly challenge is the BikeErg World Sprints. It’s a virtual indoor cycling challenge modeled after the successful SkiErg World Sprints. The BikeErg World Sprints takes place between July 6 – 10, 2022. So, you have the choice, when you will do it and you have 4 days in which to do it. 

These are the rules for the Challenge:

  • Race 4000 meters on the Concept2 BikeErg at your club, gym, school, or home July 6-10, 2022.
  • Pat will verify your results before submitting them to concept2  

At Pat’s Gym, we will be doing this challenge for the entire month of July. The winners (female and male) will get the Pat’s Gym hoodie and see how you stack up against people from around the world!

The winners of the Pat’s Gym June Monthly Challenge are Jake with a weight of 115#, and Katie with a weight of 35# . Great job!