June Monthly Newsletter

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Pat’s Thoughts :

The energy at the Gym continues to grow. In addition, the number of athletes coming to the Gym to train under my philosophy is growing. It’s great to see so many athletes take advantage of Online Training, Programs, Private Coaching sessions, and classes. The results have exceeded my dreams. With Online Training, I am hearing “your guidance and workouts have changed my life.” I hope you found our first Newsletter to be entertaining and informative. I hope that you find this Newsletter to be even more informative. I’m very excited about where the Gym is going. Stay tuned for more exciting changes…..




Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.33.52 PMOnline Training :

Online Training is far exceeding Pat’s expectations. I’m constantly hearing comments such as “Online Training is really inspiring”, “Online Training has changed my life and the way I workout”, or “I can’t imagine going back to traditional training.” Come try it: See how easy it is to find time to workout, to have a specialized monthly program created just for you, and to workout even if you don’t have access to the Gym. People are discovering it, and you don’t want to be the last one. In addition, you get free access to all the classes we offer, free access to the Gym, and access to Members Only content.
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The New Coach :

Please welcome Michael Rainiero to the Gym. Michael is an experienced coach who has earned numerous certifications. Because of his experience and education, he is able to help a variety of athletes regardless if they are competitive athletes preparing for a competition, business executives with a drive that is near insane, other passionate athletes with diverse goals, and even those who just want to get in better shape, lose weight, or tighten up. Michael is a graduate from Madison College He was recently firefighter who helped other firefighters prepare for the physical demands of theirs jobs. Michael loves helping other athletes achieve their goals. If you see Michael in the Gym, introduce yourself and make him feel welcome.





Monthly Challenges :

The winners of May’s Monthly Challenge were Katie and Robbie. Their times were impressive. Both these athletes are first time winners.
June’s Monthly Challenge will be an intense one and will take advantage of the new sandbags we recently purchased. It involves doing 100x ground to shoulder sandbag cleans. Women will use the 40# bags and men will use the 80# bags. On each rep the bags must touch the ground and hit your shoulder. You must stand up fully extending your legs/hips for each rep to count. This exercise is about breathing because it is a compound movement. You ned to learn to get comfortable with movement cleans, deadlifts and being efficient. The sandbags will put your muscles in awkward positions and it engages many muscles. Enjoy the challenge.



Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.10.50 AMTestimonials :

We have so many inspiring success stories at Pat’s Gym of athletes who have achieved great goals, we are going to start to profile them on the Pat’s Gym website under the “Testimonial” button. We are starting with some pretty impressive results achieved by these unique individuals. The first two athletes are a married couple with very busy private lives. Frank is a busy corporate executive who works and travels a lot with his family business. Katie, Frank’s wife, is an entrepreneur who coaches at Pat’s Gym and is involved with other athletic adventures. They have two kids, but find time to make sure fitness is a priority. The third athlete being profiled is Kelly who successfully went through the Get Cut Program, and then went on to Online Training to help her prepare for Ironman – WI. Kelli’s results are impressive. Our fourth athlete we are profiling is a busy executive with a large corporation in town. Jim has made fitness a priority, and credits working out with his success in managing his stressful life, while raising two children. The results of these athletes is impressive. Online Training can work the same magic on you, if you have persistence, are driven, and are passionate about self-improvement.

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