June Newsletter

Summer schedules are always unpredictable. Last minute trips, heavily scheduled vacation trips, kids out of school asking, “what can I do now,” and pressure to get in all that yard work. Regardless of what is keeping you busy, make working out a priority. It doesn’t mean you have to continue with your normal gym workouts and your normal routine. Workout in the park, workout at home, or come attend a class at Pat’s Gym where we take our workouts outdoors. 

There is more fun in the Gym! Come see what it’s all about – At Pat’s Gym, Pat Gilles is always keeping things fresh. Not only does it come by constantly mixing up the exercises, but it also comes with the tools we use. At Pat’s Gym we have unique tools for unique workouts. Ever hear of the Bulgarian bag? Slosh Pipe? We have those and many others. Now we’re even mixing it up more, by adding in more new equipment. Try Kevlar balls, and see how it works your core, back, arms and shoulders. Try maces – there is so much you can do with these, and it will confuse the body. It’s great for shoulders, arms, core and much more. See what Pat Gilles can do with these new toys. You have got to come in for a private or a class to see what it’s all about! 

Recently, Pat Gilles and Roza Gilles attended a wedding in Tuscany. Pat was the best man. As part of the events, leading up to the wedding there was a group workout with friends and family of the groom and bride. It was a great place to work out, and a great idea to have Pat make the event more memorable, in addition, to being healthier. At Pat’s Gym, we host kid events (including birthdays) and small group workouts for special events. With summer coming and all those family reunions, why not try to have a healthy reunion and a workout to help make it memorable. It’s a lot of fun and a unique way to spent time with those that you care about. 

Meet Marie McCord from Colorado. She has been working with Pat’s Gym for the past 5 months through Online Coaching. She is loving every minute of it.

Marie heard about Pat’s Gym from her brother Jim who has been a member of Pat’s Gym for the past 4 years and has worked with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching for the past 3 years. Marie had seen the gains that her brother had made over time and was inspired. 

Marie’s brother had encouraged Marie to try Online Personalized Coaching because Marie had struggled with heath issues for some time. She had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Jim had thought that Pat’s tailored workouts would help her get stronger and function more effectively. Marie was losing strength in her arms and legs. In addition, Marie’s balance was not what it had been historically. The changes were so subtle, Marie thought it was just part of the aging process. Finally, Jim had convinced Marie to sign up for the four-day fitness trip in Puerto Rico with Pat Gilles and a new beginning started…

Marie grew up on a ranch. Chores and playing on the ranch introduced Marie to fitness at a young age. Marie was physical from her teens into her mid-40’s. However, at the age of 50, with the A diagnosis, she stopped exercising, except for an occasional yoga class or short bike rides. 

On the trip to Puerto Rico, that changed everything. It was a great trip, with great people, and a great way to start working out and learning about nutrition. There were experienced athletes, but Pat was able to gear the exercise for my abilities. Pat Gilles took away any possible fear or intimidation. Marie learned a lot, and after those four days she signed up for Online Personalized Coaching.

Four months later, Marie is glad she experienced the trip. Marie has been training with Pat Gilles since February. She has noticed her balance and strength improving. She is never bored because the exercises are always changing. Marie gives daily feedback on the workouts and Pat will modify future workouts if needed. The workouts are based on her goals and focused on what Marie can do. Pat adds in intensity as he sees fit. Marie doesn’t know how Pat does it, but she loves the programming and advice. She also likes the fact that she is held accountable: after each workout she has to check it off. If not, Pat will inquire. Pat provides encouragement which Marie thinks is great.

The Online Personalized Coaching platform is easy to use. Marie loves the fact that there is an exercise library that she can refer to when she can’t remember how to do an exercise. She can even look at the library while she is doing her workout – it’s that easy to use. 

At first, Marie’s goals were gaining balance, and getting strong to do gardening and daily chores. She has already accomplished those goals, and is continuing to work on flexibility, tightening up, and working on her arms. She sees progress already coming. 

Marie was surprised that the benefits – strength and balance – came so quickly. She sees the definition starting. It’s great too because now she doesn’t worry about going to the gym and looking clueless. She knows what she is doing, and when she doesn’t Pat Gilles is always there to help her along.  

But Marie likes the fact that Online Personalized Coaching isn’t only about the exercises, it’s about nutrition too. What to eat, when to each, and how much. Also, Pat focuses on recovery to keep and stress management. 

Marie emphasizes that the Puerto Rico trip was inspiring. The way Pat teaches, and the other athletes was truly inspiring. It jumped started Marie’s re-introduction to working out. Online Personalized Coaching has given Marie the confidence, energy and helped minimize the pain caused by RA and fibromyalgia. Also, the physical exercise helps Marie sleep better at night. 

Marie highly recommends Online Personalized Coaching to her friends. Marie is telling her friends, who are 40+ years old, that you’re not stuck with your body because there is Pat Gilles’ Online Personalized Coaching. We can get better at any age. Marie has had other coaches, but she thinks Online Personalized Coaching blows away her other personal coaching sessions.  Online Personalized Coaching by Pat Gilles should be on everyone’s list to do!  

The June Monthly Challenge – This challenge will test your breathing and power endurance. Try it early in the month, mid-month and later in the month. You will definitely see your improvements. This is one where the winner will be unpredictable. Try it and see how you place!

The June Monthly Challenge is:

  • Reps – 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30
    • Ski calories
  • KB Wall ball 20# for women/35# for men (unbroken) 
  • The penalty for breaking is 10x burpee pull up before you return to finish the KB wall ball set
  • Fastest time wins

The May Monthly Challenge – The May Monthly Challenge was short – only 12 minutes of work– but it did definitely tested efficiency. It focused on strength/power endurance. That challenge was fun, but intense.  

May Monthly Challenge:

  • 4min AMRAP
  • 20/15 cal machineBikeErg + 15x burpee
  • Max reps on double unders or lateral bar hops for those that haven’t developed the skill of double unders. 
  • Rest 1:1 (4min)
  • 3 rounds 
  • Highest score won which is the average number of jumps across all sets

The winners of the Pat’s Gym June Monthly Challenge are Luke and Kate. Great job!