March Newsletter 2022

Spring break means summer is just around the corner. Don’t delay another day to be in the best shape for your summer activity – running, biking, water skiing, wake boarding, hiking, or looking great in a swimsuit. Regardless of what it is, we have you covered at Pat’s Gym. We offer a lot of special offerings services to help get you into shape. 

Spring Specials to Get You and Your Friends in Shape  

With summer quickly approaching, you want to make sure you get in “tip top” shape for those summer sports and activities. 

At Pat’s Gym we’re here to support you. If you sign up for personal training or online coaching, you will get to come to FYF class for free the month of March. An added benefit are the great athletes who will help support you on your journey. 

For those who travel in packs, we have specials for small group classes – with increased discounts – the bigger the package the better the discount. 

A few fitness statements to think about 

Most of the time, keto increases people’s calories and they put on more weight. 

Many times, people eat too much after they run and never wind up losing the weight, they originally set out to lose. More marathons, same weight on the scale. 

Lifting heavy weight but not eating enough or doing enough volume = no increase in muscles. 

People with big muscles don’t always lift the heaviest weights. 

People who look amazing are not always healthy. 

After reading these things it is easy to jump to conclusions from the media. The main thing is that without a set plan it is damn near impossible to guarantee a result. Tomorrow is a new day, and it is the perfect day to START a set plan and start finally hitting your goals! Pat’s Gym can help you through personal training, small group training, online coaching, and classes. 

Rhone Pursuit Workout Plan

Pat was featured in Rhone and was asked to create a 4-week workout program. This 4-week workout plan has three workouts per week. Ideally you would have a rest day or easy cardio flush between workouts. Each workout focuses on compound movements and total body exercises.

Check it out and we love seeing the Pat’s Gym community on bigger scales.

The March Monthly Challenge 

The Pat’s Gym March Monthly Challenge consist of an EMOM using the skierg and a KB. Remember the key with this workout format is to not slow down on either movement and stay consistent on your pace. 


Every 3 minutes (E3MOM)

Perform 15/12 cal ski

1 min Max single arm hang KB snatch 53/35# alternating arms 

Stop when you get 100 snatches

The winners of the Pat’s Gym February Monthly Challenge were Kenny with a time of 7:04 and Gaby with a time of 6:14.