March Newsletter 2023

Spring break means summer is just around the corner. Don’t delay another day to be in the best shape for your summer activity – running, biking, water skiing, wake boarding, hiking, or looking great in a swimsuit. Regardless of what it is, we have you covered at Pat’s Gym. We offer a lot of special offerings services to help get you into shape. 

The CrossFit Open

Roman Khrennikov took part in the live 23.2 CF open announcement. Roza and Pat flew out to New Jersey to support Roman complete against Patrick Vellner. Roman Khrennikov is the new sensation of the CrossFit Games. New, because he finally managed to get his Visa to enter the USA with the assistance of Pat’s Gym and competed in person in Madison last year. And he didn’t disappoint, going home with the title of 2nd Fittest Man on Earth. Roza will be translating for him throughout the semifinals in Orlando FL, and in Madison WI when he competes in the CF games for the next two years.

Spring and Summer Kids Programs

We are adding weekly Kid & Teen Programs this spring and summer. Classes work on various foundational fitness skills such as strength, endurance, balance and coordination to develop their overall fitness. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on the fitness fun we have planned for the spring and summer! Your kids will benefit from functional movements and age-appropriate strength building using light weights and body-weight exercises. 

MadisonWISports youth grant program:

Ever wish you could make Pat’s Gym trainers do the hard work for a change? Here’s your chance! 
For every $1 you donate to  the @MadisonWISports youth grant program between March 12 – 19  our trainers must do one burpee.  We’re on a mission to make sure every kid in Dane County has the chance to play sports…and to make our trainers sweat. Donate $100? Bring on 100 burpees. $1,000 = 1,000 burpees. Simple enough. Not so simple for the trainers who have to complete the burpees. 

The March Monthly challenge is:

As many rounds as you can go without breaking 
:20 Hang
:40 Farmers Hold (55/40#)

*Score is total time once you can’t hold throughout the time period 

You must pick up the weights right when you drop from the pull up bar and jump up to the bar right when you set the weights down

The winners of the Pat’s Gym February Monthly Challenge are Alex for women and Andy for men. Great showing, and great participation by all athletes who competed in this challenge.