December Newsletter



Train with Family and Friends and SavePat’s Gym is offering 10% off on small group coaching sessions through the month of December. It’s a great time to train with friends and family, and ring in the holiday season in a healthy way. No liquor or eggnog here! Want details? Talk to a coach or email







Give the Gift of Health and Save 10%Pat’s Gym is offering 10% off individual coaching sessions starting on Black Friday through December 20, 2016, if you purchase 3 or more private sessions for someone who is currently not taking private coaching sessions. That someone special can be yourself or a person who you want to help get into shape. Talk to your coach about this special or email





New Pat’s Gym T-shirt – The new Pat’s Gym t-shirts are flying off the shelf….you don’t want to miss getting yours, or purchasing one as a gift for a friend. Each shirt is $25 or you can purchase 3 for $65.






A Free Coaching Session – Earn a free coaching sessions to help you perfect those unfamiliar exercises or see if private coaching is for you. If you attend class 12 times during the month of December, you will be entered into a drawing for a Pat’s Gym Private Session with Coach Jacob, Coach Bryan, Coach Jake or Coach Katie. You have to attend at least 3 classes a week, and a total of 12 classes during the month. The offer does not apply to Online Coaching athletes. We will announce the winner the first week in January.





Pat’s Gym Gives Back During the Holiday Season – Pat’s Gym will be collecting warm clothing items to donate to a local charity to help families in need get through the winter. Coats, gloves, snow pants and other warm items will be accepted starting December 15, 2016. There will be a box at Pat’s Gym where you can deposit your items. Come get healthy and help local families.





Monthly Challenge Announcements – December’s Monthly Challenge will be the 12 Days of Christmas. It’s a great format, but very tough.
for men and women, will be filmed at the end of the month, in a face-off-challenge.

This Challenge should be executed just as the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song is sung. Start with one clean and jerk, then do two deadlifts and one clean and jerk, then three Pull ups, two deadlifts and one clean and jerk, four box jumps, three pull ups muscle ups, two deadlifts and one clean and jerk, etc. It’s a grind, so let your mind go elsewhere.

Challenge Workout: 12 Days of Christmas

1 – Body Weight Clean and Jerk (males 70% bodyweight, females half bodyweight)
2 – Deadlift at Body Weight
3 – Pull-ups
4 – Box Jumps 20”
5 – Burpee pull ups
6 – Weighted Walking Lunges (each side) (Men use 30# dumbbells and Females use 20#)
7 – Burpees
8 – KBS (Men use 55# and Females use 35#)
9 – Deck squats
10 – Push Ups
11 – KTE
120 – Calorie bike

November Challenge Winners: I want to congratulate the November Challenge Winners for the 1000m SkiErg sprint. The November Challenge is always a tough one, but we have two great winners. Katie finished with a time of 3:41.8, and Jake finished with a time of 3:02.9. There is no face-off for this challenge because the numbers on the SkiErg are objective and don’t lie.