September monthly newsletter

Fall is always an exciting time at Pat’s Gym. We had great success at the CrossFit Games. We have partnered up with a company that will help you recover faster. We’re focusing on having new equipment and incorporating those tools into classes, privates, and Online Coaching. Also, the cooler temperatures mean we must hit the workouts harder to stay warm and keep pushing forward. Set your goals, have focus, and stay consistent! 

The CrossFit games were a huge success

Over the past 5 months we have had Roman Khrennikov live with us in Madison WI after Roza was able to get him a Visa for the US. He has worked out every day (3 times a day) at Pat’s Gym. His dedication to recovery, nutrition, working out, and stress management paid off with becoming the second fittest person in the world. After the huge accomplishment Roman and his family decided to keep living in Madison and train again at Pat’s Gym with the goal of winning the games next year. They have become a part of the Pat’s Gym family so next time you are in the gym say hi and jump in a workout with him. 

Badger State Hydrate 

IV therapy benefits many people, whether that’s providing the essential nutrients they need to live, helping them recovery faster between workouts/sporting events, helping improve their quality of life by addressing symptoms such as dehydration, or just simply making people feel better. But that list merely scratches the surface of what IV hydration can do for your body. If you’re interested in exploring what IV hydration can do for you, then check out They were kind enough to extend a 20% discount to members of Pat’s Gym if you want to give it a try. The formula that we personally use to help recovery is: 

Pat’s Elite Athlete Recovery with NAD

B complex (B1/B3-200mg, B2/B5/B6 4mg) 

B12 (cyanocobalamin-1mg)  

Mag chloride (800mg)  

Calcium Gluconate (200mg) 

Taurine (500mg) 

Amino Acid Blend (100/100/100mg/mL) 

Glutathione (1000mg) 

Selenium (100MICROgrams) 

NAD+ (100mg) 

This formula combines NAD+, Taurine, and Glutathione, the ultimate trifecta for cellular recovery, with Magnesium and Calcium for muscle and bone health and regeneration.

Here is an article that Pat has written to inform you about all the benefits with using IV therapy. 

There is more fun in the Gym 

Come see what it’s all about – At Pat’s Gym, we have added new equipment. We’ve added timers, bars, rogue plates, the best adjustable bench on the market, and specialty equipment you have never tried before. At Pat’s Gym, it’s all about our athletes, keeping the workouts challenging and fresh, and making sure that injuries aren’t a common occurrence.

September Monthly Challenge  

This month’s challenge is a fun one, but incredibly challenging. It’s a lot of volume so have a plan going into it.

For time 

100 hand release push ups 

100 Feet anchored sit ups 30/20#

100 prisoner step ups 20/24” box total reps 

  • You must release your hands at the bottom of the push up and get full extension at the top 
  • You back must touch the ground and the weight cannot come off your chest during the entire movement of the sit up 
  • You must keep your hands behind your head, come to full extension at the top of the step up, alternate legs, and bring both legs to the ground to end each repetition 

The winners of the Pat’s Gym August Monthly Challenge were Andy with 16 and 5 reps , and Katie with 16 reps. Great job and congrats on winning the packet of Unbroken.