October Newsletter

DSC09415Just because Halloween is here, you don’t have to be afraid that summer is gone. You don’t have to fear the fall and winter months, and your usual excuses to avoid working that it can bring. Pat Gilles and Pat’s Gym have so many events planned, that you will be excited to come work out and get ready for spring and fall. The following are the events that Pat and Pat’s Gym have planned for October:

DSC09987A Halloween Gift for You – If you’re like most families, you will get those big bags of Halloween candies, and be tempted to open them until you give them away on October 31st. Generally, people will have to go get replacement bags so that when Halloween arrives they have some candy to handout. I’m sure that you know the story well. Well, now I have created a chart to help you work off those calories, and stay fit. You will learn exactly what is needed to burn off each specific piece of candy. It’s a great way to work off the guilty pleasure, and you don’t have to be afraid to unwrap that Whopper and enjoy!

Treat name (fun size) Calories Exercise needed to burn it off Sugar grams
3 Musketeers 63 15mins of atomic sit-ups 10
100 Grand 95 15mins of push ups 11
Almond Joy 80 15min curls 8
Baby Ruth 85 8mins pull ups 10
Butterfinger 85 7min bike 10
Charleston Chew 30 8mins foam rolling 10
Dots 70 8mins box squats 11
Heath Bar 77 15mins pull overs 8.7
Hershey’s Bar 67 8mins step ups 7.7
Jelly Belly Jellybeans 35 15min walk 7
Kit Kat 70 8mins RDL’s 7
M&M’s (Plain) 73 8mins box jumps 11.5
M&M’s (Peanut) 90 15min dead lifts 9.1
M&M’s (Peanut Butter) 95 15min KTE 11.5
Milk Duds 40 15min house cleaning 6.3
Milky Way 80 8mins thrusters 10
Milky Way Dark 81 10min windmill 11
Mike & Ike 50 10min jumping jacks 9
Mounds 80 10min clean and press 7
Mr. Goodbar 90 8min ski 7
Nerds 50 8min push press 12
Nestle Crunch 60 15min of making love 7
PayDay 90 8min row 8
Raisinets 67 8min squat jumps 9.7
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 110 15mins back squats 10.5
Reese’s NutRageous 95 8mins db complex 7.5
Skittles 80 10min good mornings 14.5
Snickers 80 10min mountain climbers 8.5
Snickers (Peanut butter) 130 15mins weighted lunges 12
SweeTarts 10 2mins leg lifts 2.4
Take 5 100 15min bent over row 9
Twix 80 15min bw squats 8.5
Whoppers 100 15mins goblet squats 13
York Peppermint Pattie 60 8min stiff leg deadlifts 11

FullSizeRender 4The Monster Mash – Pat’s Gym will be hosting a Halloween Workout! Come dressed for the event, which will take place on October 31st, at 6:00 pm. The Pat’s Strength Class that is scheduled for time, will be replaced by the Scarily Strong Pat’s Gym Class. Come dressed in your costume for the workout, and see who will win the Grand Prizes for the Scariest custom and the funniest one. It should be a fun event!






DSC07172Pat’s Gym Community Events – The last three Pat’s Gym Community Events were a success! Our athletes came together in May, July, and September to work out, and then mingle at a barbecue/picnic. They were a lot of fun and were intended to introduce our athletes to one another. Friends, families, and kids were encouraged to come. It was a lot of fun. We will have our next Community Event on December 16. Stay tuned for more details!!!




DSC04019Online Coaching Events – If you’re an Online Coaching athlete, there is definitely nothing to be afraid of except those nasty Halloween little candy bars. Pat Gilles has planned two great fall workouts for Online Coaching athletes. Save the dates of October 14 and November 18. The workouts start on 9:00 a.m. and take place at Pat’s Gym. It’s always a great time, and you will learn something you can apply to your workouts! Plan to come and burn away those calories! Check out the Candy/Penalty matrix…..





DSC04669Athlete of the Month – The athlete of the month is Brian Ross. Brian is an avid athlete at Pat’s Gym. He sets a high bar for other athletes to follow, and actively and consistently works out at the Gym doing his Online Coaching workouts, or participating in classes. His six-pack shows that he not only is intense about his workouts but also very disciplined in his nutrition. Brian loves his Online Coaching workouts because he gets to share them with his kids, which allows him to set a great example for what they should strive for in life. Brian loves Online Coaching because it makes it easy to work out while living a great life with a crazy schedule filled with kid activities, and a demanding job. Brian is an athlete whose mental toughness is to be feared! Read more about Brian ……


DSC03451The Monthly Challenge continues – October’s Monthly Challenge will scare away the weak of heart, but not for those athletes at Pat’s Gym. The Challenge involves lifting the new rogue sandbags and heavy breathing. It starts out with a bike for calories, then the sandbag complex, followed by a nice Ski for max cals. You need to try this one; it’s not as scary as it looks.

October Monthly Challenge

100/75 (male/female) calories on the Bike (you select the bike of your choice)
Then the Sandbag complex
Using the following sand bags
Males use the 100# sandbag
Females use the 40-70# – if you can do all of the lifts below with good form use the 70# Sandbag
6 GTS – has to touch the ground and hit the shoulder
8 Squat – hold it where you want
10 Lunges – total reps and hold the bag on a shoulder
Then – 100/75 (male/female) calorie ski
You start off with a timer for 20min counting down
Bike to 100/75cal,
Do the 4 rounds of MB complex,
What time remains is spent accumulating cals on the SkiErg – Your score is anything over 100/75calories on the SkiErg

This Challenge may sound scary and tough, but it’s only 20 minutes long! Do it at the beginning of the month, practice during the month, and try it at the end of the month.

The September Monthly Challenge was fun, and a lot of athletes participated. The September Challenge consisted of the following:
Do the following 40m carries in the order listed
40m OH (Over Head) Carry
40m Rack Hold Carry
40m Farmer Carry
40m Rack and Farmer Carry L/R
40m Rack and Farmer Carry – other side R/L

The winners of the September Monthly Challenge were Nick with a time of 6:20, and Ida with a time of 5:42. I was so excited that so many people participated! Way to go!