August Newsletter

zl BT9O7996aOnline Coaching continues to grow….. Over the month of August, you will hear from athletes who are upping their game with Online Coaching by Pat Gilles. He is working with business executives, all types of athletes, retirees, stay at home parents, and other driven individuals in helping them achieve their goals and optimum health. With Online Coaching, Pat Gilles applies his philosophy that working out needs to incorporate four basic elements: working out, recovery, nutrition and stress management. You get all four elements with Online Coaching. Also, Pat Gilles will hold you accountable, so you won’t miss a beat. During the month of August, you will hear the stories of the athletes who are working with Pat Gilles through Online Coaching and how it’s working for them.
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New Coaches are showing up at Pat’s Gym to help with our new member athletes. And boy are they enthusiastic about what they do. Not only do they bring new energy into the gym, but it helps bring diversity of specialties.


Cody Ackerman excels in working with athletes who are driven and focused on achieving stretch goals. Cody has worked closely with Pat Gilles. In fact, Cody was in great shape before he came to work at Pat’s Gym, but after working out with Pat Gilles for 60 days, he bulked up and leaned out. Come see Cody for your fitness needs.






Jake Vis is the other new coach. Jake is also very experienced in working with all types of individuals in meeting their fitness needs. Jake’s passion is obstacle races, and can teach you a thing or two about preparing for any type of competitive event. Come see Jake and he will ensure that you have all that you need to be successful.






New Classes began July 1: they are Pat’s Fit and Pat’s Strength classes. The classes are designed so that you can have variety of classes any day you want, and it doesn’t depend upon your fitness level or the day of the week. With Pat’s Fit class you will be focused on exercises that will help you achieve overall good health, with an emphasis on aerobic activity. With Pat’s Strength class you focus on gaining mass, or on toning up, or gaining lean muscle mass. Want to Get Cut? Well, you can by attending both Pat’s Fit and Pat’s Strength classes. In class you can amp up the intensity, or you can amp it down, depending upon your mood or fitness level. The classes are designed to be flexible and diverse. Come attend a class. The class descriptions and schedule can be found on the website. A class at Pat’s Gym is a great place to meet great people who will encourage you to perform at a high level.



Get Cut Program Class is coming back in September. It is the program that Pat Gilles designed that is very effective in helping you lose unwanted fat, lean up but with defined muscles, and in only 35 days! The class is limited to 10 students and is filling up. The last 3 classes that were offered were sold out. However, watch out because after doing the Get Cut Program you will definitely be hooked on the Pat Gilles way to train. Sign up now to hold your slot!





August Monthly Challenge and July Monthly Challenge Winners – July is over and Dobee and Katie are the winner of the hang for time challenge. Dobee had a time of 8:31 mins, while Katie had a time of 3:32 mins. Now you know the people to hang with for fun. Both are rock climbers, and Katie is a first time winner. August’s Monthly Challenge will be tough: it is a 200m row and 100 burpees for time. This one will be interesting because the row will favor the larger and stronger athletes, while the burpees will favor the smaller athletes. Let’s see who will prevail.